Meet the Backlashers

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Katie Peake | Creative Director

I believe all brand experiences, be it integrated, retail, digital or experiential should be memorable, shareable and enjoyable. This is my aim as Creative Director when approaching any brief and also how I choose to lead the team. 

My aim is to encourage, entertain and create
ideas that are thought provoking and effective. I like to push the conventional techniques and produce innovative solutions.

I’m also passionate about turning big agency thinking into big ideas for small businesses. After all, why should it be the 'big boys' who can afford to have all the fun?

James Barnes | Strategy Director

With 15+ years in the creative game working for some of the biggest names in advertising and experiential, James champions the new-wave of brand experience that now puts experience at the heart of the campaign as the brand platform and ‘big idea’ – “This is the most exciting time ever to be working in brand experience. As consumers crave more meaningful physical brand interactions, so we must innovate to keep pace and expand the possibilities".

James believes in providing deeply insightful and bold, thought-provoking responses to client briefs that are disruptive yet practical – “Never lose sight of the job to be done”.

Aarron Taylor | Design Director

Another veteran of the creative world both in the UK and across Europe with a focus on fashion, retail and of course experiential.

Aarron calls himself a designer but is equally at home in the world of production; his design statements are bold but always mindful of practical and cost effective delivery.

Aarron’s design-superpower is that he is equally at home with 2D or 3D design, this means he is able to tightly control his design visions and rapidly bring the physical experiences to life.

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